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Back to School Must Have Apps

      Well, another summer is almost in the books and school is just around the corner for kids and young adults across the nation. With school being so close, all of us here at Everyday App Reviews want to help you start off on the right foot and give you a leg up on your classmates. 

FYI: For this review I might touch on the "runner up" or "second place" apps because there are multiple apps and a lot going on in this post. If you wish to learn about other options feel free to comment.

     Now before we dive head first I to the App Store and start downloading everything we may need for this semester , let's take a second and be smart about what we already have... For instance, if you like to record lectures, the Voice Memos app that comes standard on your iphone is an excellent choice! It's simple, free, and functionally all you need, especially for those professors that think we can retain what they say while they talk at light speed! Now it's time to open the App Store and start seeing what we may need for this semester!


     First things first, books. You don't want to walk in in the first day and find out that this is the teacher that goes through 2 or 3 chapters on the first day and know you showed up with no book!  Now when it comes to books there are luckily options. If you like to write and highlight in your texts then your going to have to buy the book. But don't worry you aren't married to the book, you can sell that brick of papers (written in or not) at the end of the semester. For this option, I strongly recommend Who I like to call old faithful, Amazon. But not just regular, no. Amazon has solved the book and school problem with their Amazon Student app. 

Amazon Student offers the reliability of Amazon and focuses it all into helping students. On this app they make it extremely easy to find, compare, and buy your textbooks or any other school supplies you may need. The front page is well designed leaving all options got buying and even selling back your textbooks. 

Amazon Student is an overall simple and user friendly app. It will make sure to get you ready for those long lectures and late nights. 
     Now for those of you, like me, that can't stand forking over all thst cash for a book you use less than a year, then sell it back for a price that makes you want to never buy books again then, renting is your option. I used a lot of apps on the renting aspect because it seemed like the most practical. There were a few apps that sounded really really good but once you looked at their rates you became a little confused. The best app that I found for textbook rentals was no surprise: CHEGG


     Chegg is an amazing site and their app is just as good! The app doesn't throw a hundred things at you which is nice, instead features a clean home screen. 

     As you can see it features a search bar that is complete with a barcode scanner so you do to have to hassle with long ISBN's. Chegg also offers a service where you can ask questions to a network of others that can actually help! Everything else like settings, account, ect. Is all tucked into a drop down menu to the left. Not only is the app well designed, they are also among the cheapest and most reliable you can find anywhere and is a must have for this semester!


     Now these are apps that you can't leave for school without. These apps will help you get the leg up on your classmates and get that better grade. The first helpful app is THE HW APP:  

The HW App is a must have hoe every student. This app keeps you organized and motivated. The homepage is a stunning feature in itself. It's colorful do it keeps the eyes entertained, shows tasks to do to stay organized, and tasks completed to keep you motivated seeing how much you have accomplished. Out of all the other homework apps this one keeps things the most simple while still keeping intresting. Having too much info, especially in this subject, will only complicate things which is well avoided by this app. This app will keep you on track the entire semester!


This is probably one of the most recommended apps I give for school. gFlash+ is a flash card app that will help you memorize and learn almost anything!!! I have personally used this app for multiple semesters and has helped tremendously.  This app allows you to group cards (I use the groups as classes) and allows you to manage the order of your cards and lists do you know which is more important. So don't leave home without it!!!!

     These apps I won't go into because they are pretty self explanatory but I thought I'd throw them up because they still are very important to have for school.


Never leave for school without a dictionary, but don't carry that lead brick around!


     If you don't know what EasyBib is then this is either your first semester of college or you haven't had to write a real eassay. This site/app helps with bibliographies and is a one of a kind service. MUST HAVE APP!!!!!

     These are the must have apps for this semester. Hope you enjoyed another edition of Everyday App Review and hope to hear your thoughts! 

    Just shoot me a message of what you want to see!


Personal Finance

     Money. It seems to be everywhere but in our pockets these days. It doesn't matter if your a college student like me or a hard working mother of 4; money is always an issue. So how can we keep track of our money and pinch every last penny that we've worked hard for? Simple, an app that runs smoothly and covers all the financial bases no matter who you are. 
     This week I've spent countless hours using finance apps on the App Store for Apple products. If you search for one of these apps, you find that personal finance apps are broken up into different types. You have budget apps, accounting apps, receipt apps, and it keeps going. Now most of these apps cost money for a full version although many have more than great "lite" versions that will subdue the needs for one of these apps. I found in using many of these apps that they all had one, or two, maybe even three of the features that people often look for; but why can't we have all of what we want in one place? Well I didn't spend all that time and data to not find out!

First off is the runner up:

     Intuit's "Mint"

The reason I chose this to be a very close second place is the linking of a bank account. If you loose your phone that's just one more thing that you have to worry about. Allthough the biggest thing for me was that my bank showed up in the app but wasn't able to connect. I had emailed customer service and within a I didn't get it fixed nor did I even get a sympathetic automated reply. I got nothing. So I used a different phone with a different bank (a friend's) and flipped through the app. It was decent if your bank account syncs except budgets are just set up funky and are overall difficult to setup. 

The winner of Everyday personal finance:
     Maxwell Software's "Money Monitor"

          THIS APP HAS IT ALL! 
This app, first off, has every feature that anyone asked for. On top of having it all, the interface is extremely easy to use, which is good because at first glance you must enter all your financial info by hand. Want you account number on the app? No problem. Don't? No problem. The money monitor is flexible, in every aspect; the app allows for users to customize nearly everything except the color of the app. You can add as many payees, accounts, bills, budgets, transfers, ect. as you please (only on, reasonably priced, full app). But wait there's more! Need to see where your money is going to see where you can pinch those pennies? Not a problem with the monitor; it gives you pie charts that can be broken down into anything on the app as shown below.

     Still not convinced thst this app is the easiest to use Everyday App for personal finance? Well how about automatic bill pay that is a breeze to setup, and any transaction can be put on auto repeat. Don't be scared that you'll forget if a bill is on auto pay, it utilizes an alarm and reminder feature! This app also comes with a password lock to keep thieves or nosey family members out and money safe. Last but not least, it has an extremely quick and easy transaction interface that keeps you moving on with your day and keeps you up to date on where your money is and who it's with.

If your still not convinced check out the lite version of the app, as it will speak for itself.

Money Monitor Lite:

Well that was another segment from Everyday App Review, hope you enjoyed and feel free to comment. 

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