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Personal Finance

     Money. It seems to be everywhere but in our pockets these days. It doesn't matter if your a college student like me or a hard working mother of 4; money is always an issue. So how can we keep track of our money and pinch every last penny that we've worked hard for? Simple, an app that runs smoothly and covers all the financial bases no matter who you are. 
     This week I've spent countless hours using finance apps on the App Store for Apple products. If you search for one of these apps, you find that personal finance apps are broken up into different types. You have budget apps, accounting apps, receipt apps, and it keeps going. Now most of these apps cost money for a full version although many have more than great "lite" versions that will subdue the needs for one of these apps. I found in using many of these apps that they all had one, or two, maybe even three of the features that people often look for; but why can't we have all of what we want in one place? Well I didn't spend all that time and data to not find out!

First off is the runner up:

     Intuit's "Mint"

The reason I chose this to be a very close second place is the linking of a bank account. If you loose your phone that's just one more thing that you have to worry about. Allthough the biggest thing for me was that my bank showed up in the app but wasn't able to connect. I had emailed customer service and within a I didn't get it fixed nor did I even get a sympathetic automated reply. I got nothing. So I used a different phone with a different bank (a friend's) and flipped through the app. It was decent if your bank account syncs except budgets are just set up funky and are overall difficult to setup. 

The winner of Everyday personal finance:
     Maxwell Software's "Money Monitor"

          THIS APP HAS IT ALL! 
This app, first off, has every feature that anyone asked for. On top of having it all, the interface is extremely easy to use, which is good because at first glance you must enter all your financial info by hand. Want you account number on the app? No problem. Don't? No problem. The money monitor is flexible, in every aspect; the app allows for users to customize nearly everything except the color of the app. You can add as many payees, accounts, bills, budgets, transfers, ect. as you please (only on, reasonably priced, full app). But wait there's more! Need to see where your money is going to see where you can pinch those pennies? Not a problem with the monitor; it gives you pie charts that can be broken down into anything on the app as shown below.

     Still not convinced thst this app is the easiest to use Everyday App for personal finance? Well how about automatic bill pay that is a breeze to setup, and any transaction can be put on auto repeat. Don't be scared that you'll forget if a bill is on auto pay, it utilizes an alarm and reminder feature! This app also comes with a password lock to keep thieves or nosey family members out and money safe. Last but not least, it has an extremely quick and easy transaction interface that keeps you moving on with your day and keeps you up to date on where your money is and who it's with.

If your still not convinced check out the lite version of the app, as it will speak for itself.

Money Monitor Lite:

Well that was another segment from Everyday App Review, hope you enjoyed and feel free to comment. 

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Veronica Ruggiero said...

Love these apps! I always need my finances straightened out, and using my banks app is pretty much useless. Love the fact that the Money Monitor app can track where your money is going. I never know where my money is going, so this is a convenient feature to have on my phone. Going to install this ASAP. Thanks for the tip!

Andrea Ryan-Nugent said...

Wow, this app looks great! I love the “expense vs income” feature. It always helps to be able to see exactly how much you are spending vs how much you are making so that you know if you need to make adjustments to your monthly spending budgets. Thanks for sharing this! I will definitely be trying it for myself :)